Everybody Safe, Every Day!

We take Health and Safety seriously within All Green Lights Limited.

Ultimately we want every member of our team to arrive to work safely, be safe at work, leave work safely and be safe through out their time at home too.  That means keeping “Everybody Safe, Every Day”!.

With this in mind we pride ourselves on our no work related accident rate and aim to retain that long-term.


Our most critical Health and Safety risks is:

Vehicle related risks: Our staff travel by various modes of transport, including public transport (rail, bus and ferry), motor vehicles and alternative modes (cycling and pedestrian).

As such our staff are exposed to the inherent dangers of their transport, including the risks of other people doing silly things.

Safe Driving Policy 2016 01 01 – We expect our staff to drive within the law and the road conditions.

Where we make your business traffic lights "All Green"