Expert facilitation is essential to any business change workshop.

Our experts are able to develop a unique workshop experience for you and your team, using the tools developed by our team and our network.  We help you find that synergistic Two Squared moment.

Business Planning – whether in start-up or ongoing strategy and operational planning, we use our unique accelerator tools to help your business achieve successful results

Project Planning – Workshops that help your team (or ours) plan and succeed at delivering your project or particular stages.

Project Pre-Mortem Exercises – A unique exercise at the commencement of any major project that can help assist you in appropriately addressing risks early enough to ensure your project outcomes.

Risk Management – Workshops that ensure a consistent organisation-wide understanding of risk management and identify new risks

Team building & development – we coordinate the most appropriate network experts to assist you build, using a range of skills, and develop your team.

Facilitation training – training experts from our network can help your team develop their own facilitation skills.

1+1=Two Squared

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