Our Commitment to being All Green

All Green
Helping make New Zealand Green!

All Green Lights Limited endeavours live up to our “Green” name every day, in an effort to making our contribution to a sustainable world.

Minimisation – Virtual Office System

All Green Lights Limited has no physical location, using a virtual office system.

This has the advantage of not only reducing our carbon footprint but also has created a flexibility in the way we work.

It means that clients don’t come to us, we go to them – learning more about their business and increasing the value we add to them.

When our team is not visiting clients they have the flexibility to work from a home office, or, if they prefer, a library, café or other location.

Minimisation – Alternate Transport

Where ever possible, and as long as it doesn’t disadvantage our clients, we will endeavour to replace our vehicles with public transport or alternatives like cycling.

It doesn’t mean we won’t drive to visit our clients but we will, where sensible, use other options.

Minimisation – reducing paper & waste

As some clients have already noticed we are a low-paper business.

The use of electronic alternatives to printing (such as cloud computing, email, e-books etc.) will reduce our impact on the environment and our waste.

Our Green Day
Green Days – 17th March is the day we target for new initiatives

Green Days – 17th March

Each year we will celebrate St Patrick’s Day in our unique way, by introducing a new significant part to our sustainability efforts.  So watch the website for each update.

Of course we won’t wait for St Paddy’s day to roll around before we introduce a good idea.

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