Seven months to new Health and Safety Act

Today marks just seven months to the implementation of the new Health and Safety Act.

For Boards this means you are in the starting gate and the gun is about to go!

So all Boards should have time on their agenda this month to discuss how their organisation will be implementing the new legislation.  Listen carefully if management are identifying gaps that the Board will need to address.

The Board,  via the Chair, also needs to be making arrangements for a structured due diligence process that is likely to involve visits to key locations or at least those where critical health and safety risks have been identified. You need to understand these risks and be satisfied how they are being managed. Would you be happy if you spouse, son or daughter was working with those risks?

As a Board you should also be critiquing the implementation plan to ensue it is robust.  This is the plan that you will hold management accountable to.  Is accountability and responsibility at the right levels or has it been over delegated is one question for consideration.  How engaged is the broader management team? Is there a process and appropriate timing for reinductions for all staff?

Ensure this discussion is well minuted but also take you own notes.

Don’t wait a month, because your own accountability is starting now.

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